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Home Grown Mushrooms!

We’ve always enjoyed the idea of growing food at home, but what do you do when you live in an apartment in the middle of Copenhagen? Well, you…grow food! This was more of an experiment than a practical feat but it just goes to show whats possible.

We ordered a blue/grey oyster mushroom box from mushroombox.co.uk. The process was fairly simple and can be seen below. It basically just involves these steps.

1. Sterilize the substrate with boiling water
2. Mix the mycelium(white stuff) into the substrate
3. Allow it to spread throughout the substrate for a few weeks(closed box picture)
4. Open the box and give the mushrooms air, mist them twice daily for a damp environment that they can thrive in.
5. Harvest and eat, NOM NOM!

They tasted great and we highly recommend growing your own mushrooms!




Photography by Laura Ellsinger

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