Our friends at Mackabler.dk are using sustainable practices!

Our friends and previous roommates now run a website called http://mackabler.dk. They started their business back in March and it’s taken off since then. As they’ve grown, they’ve started to implement some sustainable practices into their business model. I think this is great, not only because they’re our friends but because they’re a business. Business’ using sustainable practices is a huge part of the sustainability pie and so I’d like to recognize them for their actions.

First off, they offer you to reuse packaging that they get their shipments in. Easy, simple yet so few businesses do it. I also like how they give the customer the option of doing it rather than forcing it down their throats. Despite this, 70% of customers choose to get re-used packaging. This is what the option looks like:
Skærmbillede 2013-07-19 kl. 16.00.30
Secondly, they’re selling used ethernet cables online which is huge. Electronic waste is becoming the largest form of waste and we need to work to reduce this. They buy cables at second-hand shops and re-sell them on their website. Awesome.
They also have some other measures, like sending out rebate cards on 100% recycled paper and printing the label out with the invoice to only use 1 sheet of paper instead of 2.

Keep trucking guys and we look forward to more sustainable practices!

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