Finders Keepers Christmas Edition

This post is a little delayed (christmas and final exams came in the way) but in december, Finders Keepers had a christmas market and of course Dane and I attended. This time it was located in Østerbrohuset and it was full of old and new additions to previous markets.IMG_2205IMG_2207

One could easily spot the most popular booths for christmas shopping, like this amazing hand-made body products brand Mirins Copenhagen. We couldn’t help but to buy amazing hair oils, soaps and lip balms for a reasonable price. Visit their website here:


As usual they had great artists showing off their prints.


We were also fascinated by this hand-made jewelry brand Kaska, who told us that it takes about  one week to make one of the necklaces. Visit their website here:

And we couldn’t help but love these animal ceramics plates. Unfortunately, neither of us recall the brand. If you know, please comment!


Great turnout and organization as always Finders Keepers, we are looking forward to next event!Visit their facebook page here:



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