Delicious Home-Baked Organic Rye Bread

Rye bread is a staple of the Danish diet. It’s eaten in most Danes’ daily lives and is typically topped with herring, eggs and anything else in the fridge. Dane and I are particularly fond of it and so we bake it ourselves. We’ve been making variations of this recipe for the past 6 months now and love it. You can add or subtract seeds as you see fit. This recipe all organic and surprisingly easy to make. We freeze 2 out of 3 and thaw them as we need them.

This is how you make it:

Day 1.

– 500 g of kernels (rugkerner)

– 6 dl of water

Let soak for a day before you start baking

Day 2.

– 1 liter of buttermilk (kærnemælk)

– 50 g yeast

– Kernels and water from day 1

– 4 tablespoons of salt

– 5 dl flaxseeds

– 5 dl sunflower seeds

– 3.5 dl pumpkin seeds

– 7 dl graham flower

– 7 dl rye meal

Add on top before baking:

– Pumpkin seeds and salt flakes


1. The day before you start baking you need soak the kernels in 6 dl of water.


2. The day after you heat up the buttermilk to 37 degrees.


3. Break the yeast into small pieces and pour the warm buttermilk over. Stir until there are no more visible pieces of yeast.

4. Mix in the kernels and water.


5. Mix in the salt, the seeds and the flower. Knead the dough for about 7-10 minutes.

6. Divide into three parts and put them in bread forms. Let rise for 60 min.


7. Put a little bit of water on the surface. Poke a fork through the surface of the bread about 20 times, evenly dispersed. Decorate with pumpkin seeds and salt flakes.

8. Bake the bread for 5 minutes in the oven at 275 degrees celsius. Then turn down oven to 185 degrees and bake for 60 minutes.



Photography by Laura Ellsinger



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  1. J Michael Jordan on 18 November, 2013 at 19:14 said:

    I’d love to try some of this when I visit in April!!!

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