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Homemade, organic, spreadable butter


I’ve always wondered if homemade, spreadable butter was easy to do or if it required some kind of effort that simply wasn’t feasible without a ton of equipment and a small farm. I found a small hack and Laura and I have been making this homemade, spreadable, organic butter ever since! Its super easy and Continue Reading →

Home Grown Mushrooms!


We’ve always enjoyed the idea of growing food at home, but what do you do when you live in an apartment in the middle of Copenhagen? Well, you…grow food! This was more of an experiment than a practical feat but it just goes to show whats possible. We ordered a blue/grey oyster mushroom box from Continue Reading →

Delicious Home-Baked Organic Rye Bread


Rye bread is a staple of the Danish diet. It’s eaten in most Danes’ daily lives and is typically topped with herring, eggs and anything else in the fridge. Dane and I are particularly fond of it and so we bake it ourselves. We’ve been making variations of this recipe for the past 6 months Continue Reading →

Homemade Caramelized Ginger Candy


Yesterday we had some leftover ginger at home, so I decided to make ginger candy and it turned out delicious, so I’m going to post the recipe here. Ginger candy has the prefect combination of hot and sweet! You need: – 200 gram ginger – 4 dl of sugar – water 1. Start peeling the Continue Reading →

Homemade Ravioli With Ricotta Cheese


One rainy Thursday afternoon Dane and I decided to make some ravioli from scratch, which turned out to be way easier than we thought. Once you make the pasta dough, you make fill it with pretty much anything. We decided to fill ours with ricotta and parmesan cheese and spinach. This is what you need Continue Reading →