Den Blå Planet, the Danish version of an Aquarium

An aquarium is arguably not sustainable, but could also be seen as helping the preservation of species and some aquariums fund conservation efforts. I also think that creating a general interest in wild-life and aquatic animals is beneficial for us and the environment.

So with that said, Laura and I went to Blue Planet this past weekend and it was great. It’s located out by the airport and is a quick walk from the Kastrup stop on the Metro. It cost 160 DKK each and there was no student discount unless you are a veterinarian student or a biology student.IMG_6259

The aquarium is brand new, having just opened in March 2013. It features aquariums with fish from different continents and a HUGE tank with everything from Hammer-head sharks to stingrays. I recommend visiting this place if you have 160 DKK and a day to spend.IMG_6268 IMG_6265


Everyday they have scheduled feedings of the fish, usually with a small presentation of the aquarium and the different species they have. As you can see, they are popular events. IMG_6260 IMG_6257 IMG_6254

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