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Bybi honey beer. Brewed with local roof honey.


Laura and I have been meaning to cover Bybi for a while now. An organization that installs and maintains bee hives on top of buildings in Copenhagen. Until then, you’ll have to settle for this beer we found in Super Brugsen. It’s brewed using the roof top honey and reminds us of Fuller’s Organic Honey Continue Reading →

Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen. A phenomenom in the city.


Copenhagen is unique in a lot of ways but one of the things that meets the eye immediately is the bikers. One would assume that only usual two-wheel bikes roam the streets of Copenhagen, well, that isn’t true. Copehageners use bikes of all styles. One of the coolest style of bikes in Copenhagen is cargo Continue Reading →

Aquaponics. Sustainable farming.


I’ve long been interested in the food supply aspect of sustainability. What does it mean for me as an individual and society as a whole? Somewhere in there is the answer to our current food culture crisis. An answer that rids of us our over-consumption of meat, plastic wrapped goods and produce that comes from Continue Reading →

What makes the Copenhagen bicycle experience superb?(Part 1)


Copenhagen is a great bike city and lies up there with Amsterdam and other Danish cities as the most bikeable in the world. I often ponder what makes the Copenhagen biking experience so superb and I I’ve reached a conclusion. In this two parts series of posts I’m going to analyze what makes Copenhagen so Continue Reading →

Chicken in the oven. Simple. Sustainable. Delicious.


Making your own food is sustainable and easy on the wallet. So the question usually isn’t why but how. Well, here’s one simple way to make an easy, healthy, well-cooked meal. Take a whole chicken and put it into an oven-safe dish. Truss the chicken by tying it’s legs together, this is to keep moisture. Continue Reading →