TedxCopenhagen 2013

Sorry about the hiatus! It’s been a busy summer for the both of us. But we’re back and we recently attended TedxCopenhagen. TedxCopenhagen is an annual event held in Copenhagen where speakers get to share ideas in the form of TED speeches. It’s always inspiring and good value for money.

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Overall, it was a great day. There’s was a lot of energy in the room, a great speaker and we had an organic lunch made by ReGastro. We left tired but happy.

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Out of all the speeches, Laura and I had some particular favorites.

Sara Naseri on her UV protection company

Harry Fear on the Mainsteam Media

Geo on his battle with cancer and the stigma that surrounds it

However there is a lot of room for improvement.

All speakers were interesting, but some of them were more focused on motivation than ideas. Listening to people with new ideas and inventions is great, but listening to someone encouraging you to think outside the box gets boring. Yes, we need to think outside the box but we want to hear how YOU thought outside the box and give us examples.

The decoration inside the venue was very amateurish and felt like it was done in the last minute. For example, the p in the TedxCopenhagen sign fell down during a speech, which was quite funny. Also, there wasn’t as many cool items to walk away with such as ingredients for baking bread, body shop lotion and other cool promotional items like last year. Coffee also had a huge line, whereas last year it was served by the little coffee cars outside. That was way more efficient.

TED is a great community and TedxCopenhagen is an extension of that but if we had to compare TedxCopenhagen 2012 and TedxCopenhagen 2013 then we thought they did better last year.

All said, see you next year TedxCopenhagen!


Eva Kruse talking about changing the world through fashion

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Photography by Laura Ellsinger


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