Ottilias Have. Sustainable gardening and bee keeping in Carlsberg byen.

We previously reported on Aquaponics. Sustainable farming. The people over at are involved in some other projects as well. One of which are some raised bed gardens in Carlsberg byen that goes by the name of Ottilias have. At some point they plan on having aquaponics, bee keeping and much more area of gardens. For now they have 6 raised bed steel boxes and 4 bee houses. We volunteered some time as did about 10 -15 other people and we had a great opening ceremony! The kids were running around while we drank coffee and ate homemade honey on bread.


Custom made aquaponics bike with solar panels to the right.


Dane getting his hands dirty.


The small Ottilias Have next to the huge Carlsberg building.




Worms for composting.

Check out Ottilias Have on facebook!

Photography by Laura Ellsinger

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