Nørrebro Bryghus. The CO2 neutral brewery with tasty beer and great ambiance.

Beer is one of my favorite beverages and coincidentally a large part of Danish culture. Whether it’s cold, hot, sunshine or overcast there’s always time for a beer and most Dane’s would agree.

Laura and I have been checking out places that have good variety on tap and preferably brew themselves. Naturally, we stumbled upon Nørrebro Bryghus, a microbrewery in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen.

The brewery was originally started in 2000 as a personal project by a fella that left Carlsberg. It’s quickly evolved and is now a prime brewery in Copenhagen’s beer landscape. This brewery is serious, and not just about beer. It’s the first brewery in Denmark to be CO2 neutral, but not with on-site solar panels and a windmill. They’re buying carbon credits to offset their CO2 output. Good enough. They also have a CO2 neutral beer known as Global Ale and are reducing energy usage in collaboration with the county. Reports on their CO2 usage can be found on the website, which in itself is CO2 neutral.

Physically this venue is breathtaking. As you walk up and peek inside you’ll see that you’re entering a calm, classy venue with a mature crowd. Everybody is well dressed but laid-back. There’s no room for dancing or any other shenanigans and rightfully so. This place is all about draft beers, board games, good music and steady conversation. Expect tastiness with an accompanying atmosphere you can enjoy.

Their beer menu is extensive and the food is allegedly delicious. I can personally recommend the New York Lager(pilsner), Ravnsborg Rød(dark ale) and White Noise(pale ale).

Here’s what you should expect to pay.

25 cl – 38 kr.
40 cl – 50 kr.
60 cl – 75 kr.

You can also become a member and get a 10% discount and a free beer on either Monday or Tuesday of every week. The membership is 250 kr. and is valid for a year. Tours of the brewery with beer tasting are 125 kr.

Find more here: http://noerrebrobryghus.dk/

Mon-Thur: 11-24.
Fri & Sat: 11-02
Sunday: Closed

The brewery is located at the following address:

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Photography by Laura Ellsinger


2 Thoughts on “Nørrebro Bryghus. The CO2 neutral brewery with tasty beer and great ambiance.

  1. Poir0t on 9 April, 2013 at 15:36 said:

    I don’t know man, is it really good enough be carbon neutral by just buying carbon credits?

  2. danekshea on 9 April, 2013 at 16:17 said:

    Tough question. I think it’s good enough….for now.

    The issue is that this brewery is in the city which obviously limits the amount of solar and wind power available on site. Additionally, Copenhagen isn’t a very sunny place and the amount of solar power generated by rooftop solar panels would be nowhere near their usage.

    In this context, CO2 neutral doesn’t exist. There is still CO2 in getting ingredients to the brewery, packaging, employees driving to work, materials for the brew equipment etc. but if we’re just looking at power they only have a limited set of options.

    1. Cut power usage to the point of being self sufficient with on-site equipment(virtually impossible)
    2. Move to a rural area where they can do the above.
    3. Purchase energy directly from a green energy supplier
    4. Buy carbon credits to offset the power usage

    I think that for breweries in urban to semi-urban areas they have to use this method until power suppliers become 100% renewable. Which Denmark and it’s power company are on their way to.

    New Belgium out of Fort Collins, CO famously does the same thing by buying wind credits. http://www.newbelgium.com/home.aspx

    Do you know of any breweries doing better than just buying credits?


    Dane Shea

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