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Finders Keepers. The design market in Copenhagen.

Sustainability often means buying directly from a producer. Well, here’s a chance to do exactly that. Finders Keepers is a design market that is held a few times per year, and brings together producers of all kinds. Here you’ll find art, fashion, and even furniture.

Laura and I went and were immediately met by a line outside the door. After shelling out a meager 40 kr. for entry we were introduced to a plethora of goodies. We browsed through the different tables and the only conclusion we could draw was “there’s a lot of talent here”. I highly suggest you visit as the music is good and the people are friendly and not over-selling. You’ll mostly find art prints, jewelry and second-hand clothes.

Occasionally, you’ll also find some new fashion. That’s why I have to give a big shout out to our friends Peter and Morten at Mope Copenhagen. They were repping a fresh table with a lot of activity. Check them out at their website: http://www.mopecph.com

Finders Keepers’ website doesn’t have any upcoming dates so stay tuned on their website at: http://www.finderskeepers.dk/

Remember, this place is kicking it old-school, so bring cash. None of that techno-hip dankort.

They’re located here:

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Peter from Mope Copenhagen. http://www.mopecph.com



Photography by Laura Ellsinger

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