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Aquaponics. Sustainable farming.

I’ve long been interested in the food supply aspect of sustainability. What does it mean for me as an individual and society as a whole? Somewhere in there is the answer to our current food culture crisis. An answer that rids of us our over-consumption of meat, plastic wrapped goods and produce that comes from far reaches. Why isn’t this food produced in our backyards or even better… our rooms?

Well here’s an answer that is in development and looks promising. Aquaponics. Yup, you heard right AQUAponics, not HYDROponics. The difference is that they both use water instead of soil but aquaponics adds fish to that water. This allows the fish poo to be used as fertilizer for the plants and when the fish get big enough you can eat them! So not only do you have fresh vegetables that are fed by fish poo but you also have fish that you can eat! Brilliant.

The guys working on it are two graduates of ITU and have set up a organization. It’s called Aquaponics NU and is located on Islands brygge. They’re currently working on prototypes and workshops and have brought in a whole host of people including 2 biologists. Check them out here: http://aquaponics.nu

Happy fish :)
This is the main prototype but it’s currently empty due to the wall-mounting.
Erik Wulf-Steen Svendsen from Aquaponics NU

Photography by Laura Ellsinger

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